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EndoRings™2 is a silicone device that is intended to be fitted onto the distal end of the colonoscope. The device consists of two layers of flexible, soft circular rings which gently flatten colonic folds during withdrawal of the colonoscope for improved visibility.
The EndoRings™2 unique design provides advantages of centering the colonoscope in the lumen and stability during endoscopic procedures.

Refer to www.endo-aid.com for further information
Download Brochure: EndoRings™2 Brochure

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Key Features:

  • Improved visualisation over standard colonoscopy
  • Increase in ADR and PDR over standard colonoscopy
  • ADR of 49% using EndoRings compare d to ADR of 29% using standard colonoscopy
  • Improved stability and control during polypectomy


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